Dogs and The Women Who Love Them


New World Library is the publisher of Dogs and the Women Who Love Them plus the Angel Animals series of feel good books by Allen and Linda Anderson.

New World Library ( is an important supplier of great books for animal lovers.

Dogs and the Women
Who Love Them




Photographs of Dogs with Dogs and the Women Who Love Them

We invite you to share photos of your dog(s) sitting next to our new book titled Dogs and the Women Who Love Them.  You can post the photos on the Facebook wall or email you photo jpegs to the Angel Animals Network at

Photos will be posted on the Dogs and the Women Who Love Them Facebook page in the album of the same name and on this website page (see below).

When you post, please include the name of the dog(s) in the picture and you can write a line telling everyone what you love about this dog(s).

Return often to the website and Facebook page for Dogs and the Women Who Love Them to view new photos.





"I love Sharkey because she makes me laugh every day!" --Susan R. Stoltz




"Gunnar is my first love. He's also an Australian Cattle dog who never wants to leave my side. I love that about him."
--Megan Colman



"I love my little Lady because she makes me laugh. I admire her faith & confidence. --Virginia Consiglio



"Everyday when I awake and see Frankie's sweet face, I am so grateful.  She has taught me that being positive and giving back to others enrich's your life ten-fold. Her love for life and everyone around her makes my heart sing." --Barbara Techel



"I love this little girl - her smile, her alert nature, her protectiveness of me. She is the BEST thing that ever happened to me and I am sooo proud of her!" -- Mary Haack






"Ruby loves Dogs and the Women Who
Love Them
--Eileen Bertie



"Cay, Chase and Bandit humoring me while I take a photo. They really want to get back to the stories! Bandit and Chase knew 8 State Hurricane Kate."
--Jenny Pavlovic




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