Dogs and The Women Who Love Them


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Dogs and the Women
Who Love Them




Dogs and the Women Who Love Them -- Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing, and Inspiration

By Allen and Linda Anderson


"The rescuing works both ways again in Allen and Linda Anderson's Collection, Dogs and the Women Who Love Them: Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing, and Inspiration, as canines who've suffered abuse, neglect or misfortune seek and comfort humans who've endured the same."
Karen Holt, O Magazine


“[Dogs and the Women Who Love Them] … features some very special canines and the women who walk beside them to fulfill missions, work, and dream.”
 --Sally Rosenthal, Best Friends Magazine, The Animals’ Bookshelf, November 2010


"Relax with a good dog and a good book!" --Connie's Book Club, Modern Dog

"This compelling book of true stories about women and their dogs underscores what many of us have experienced with our own pups, that a special dog can led to a revelation or shift in perception, setting one on a path of adventure and self-discovery. In one story, the dog acted as a catalyst for a complete and much needed change in lifestyle and career, while in another, a dog’s personality so closely mirrored his humans that she finally saw herself through her dog and realized her type-A personality kept her inflexible, overly busy, and grumpy. Her “Aha” epiphany forced her to relax, slow down, and enjoy the moment, and, amazingly, once she did, so did her dog. Each of the inspirational stories is followed by a thought-provoking meditation that poses a question for reflection such as “What dog has been your loyal partner and spurred you to greatness?” or “Has a special dog left a legacy for you and others to remember?” Overall, this book is a wonderful reminder that the bond your forge with your dog is often the catalyst for positive change. "
--Modern Dog: The Lifestyle Magazine for Modern Dogs and Their Companions, Connie's Book Club -- Fall 2010


"If you have known the countless joys of living with an animal companion, you are going to cry at least once when you read Dogs and the Women Who Love Them, the 13th book by Minnesotans Allen and Linda Anderson."
--Mary Ann Grossman, St. Paul Pioneer Press, October 31, 2010


"The authors who gave us Angel Dogs: Divine Messengers of Love and other titles popular among animal lovers here present a collection of essays by women describing overwhelming joy at having their canine companions. The book is divided into three sections demonstrating how the dogs fill a void in their owners’ lives, such as through loyalty or heroism, healing (emotional and physical), and in response to other special needs. A short meditation at the end of each entry invites readers to consider their emotional responses to the essay. The common theme running throughout is that dogs are not only faithful companions but also spiritual guides and messengers of love. The stories of Major, Sandy, Princess, Java, Lady, McDuff, and others will resonate long after the book is finished. VERDICT: All will touch the hearts of readers fortunate enough to enjoy or seeking this type of relationship."
--Susan Riley, Library Journal, Mount Kisco P.L., NY


“These stories show the loving bond between females and their dogs. This bond that these two souls enjoy will be felt by everyone who reads this book, as they hug and kiss their own dog because they know it's all true."
--Reviewed by Nancy Allen, American Dog Magazine, Winter, 2010


"New World Library -- Allen and Linda Anderson's Dogs and the Women Who Love Them: Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing and Inspiration (Fall 2010) explores similar territory. According to editorial director Georgia Hughes, 'We're not just telling funny pet stories anymore but demonstrating the profound effect an animal has on a person's life and vice versa.'"
--Natalie Danford, Publishers Weekly, "Barking Up the Write Tree"



“Packedwith vivid characters, zippy anecdotes and memorable moments, Dogs and the Women Who Love Them blends spirit and spunk into absorbing first-person narratives that inspire, empower, enlighten and have you begging for more.
--Ranny Green, Seattle Kennel Club, November 2010


Book and Bags Staff Pick: Dogs and the Women Who Love Them by Allen and Linda Anderson

The DL: We're five women in the office today accompanied by three chihauhuas, so this book just kind of picked itself. Really though, who can deny the inevitable bond that develops between a dog and his/her biggest fan? The irresistible pup on the cover alone is going to sell this book.
--Lyndsay Orwig, Books and Bags,
This Just In Veg News, Fall 2010


“If you are a dog lover (it’s hard to believe there are people who are not), you’ll not only love this book, you will benefit from it by being reminded how important your pet is to you, and how significant you are to your pet.”
--Marilyn Dalrymple,, November 2010



"This new book celebrates canine-female teams who form deep bonds of companionship that result in compassionate and courageous acts of love and healing -- for the dogs, the women, and all of the people who lives they touch. You will laugh, smile, and be moved by shelter dogs, dogs rescued from hurricanes and dog fighting, and everyday mutts who tranform lives."
--The Edge, Soul of the City, "Winter Reading", Dec. 2010


"Longtime animal lover Kim Dudek, owner of Belladonna day spa, shares the story of rehabilitating an abused pit bull, Dagnabit, in this new book, “Dogs and the Women Who Love Them” (New World Press). The book, by Allen and Linda Anderson, is a compliation of inspiring tales about women and their animals. It’s sure to be a great gift for pet parent on your list."
--Susan Langenhennig, The Times-Picayune


"Dogs and The Women Who Love Them: Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing and Inspiration, by Allen and Linda Anderson (New World Library, Novato, CA, 2010; $14.95). These stories are, indeed, inspiring, and sometimes you’ll be touched (have tissue ready). Some will make you laugh out loud. It’s interesting how many of these stories lead to ‘self-discovery.’ Your friends, even your mom might offer you advice that you ignore. But when your dog points you in a certain direction, you pay attention. (My hope is, another book will come out about dogs and the men who love them.)"
--Steve Dale,
Steve Dale's Pet World, "Check Out Inspirational Books for The Pet Lovers in Your Life"


"...The uniqueness of this book with its poetic meditations in the form of profound questions had me in awe; it’s about loyalty, healing and embracing life—all through the power of story—a rich collection of true narratives revealing profound, enduring bonds that form when two souls connect..."
--Sharon Azar, Guideposts, (Click
HERE to read the entire review.)



"Allen and Linda Anderson, co-founders of the Angel Animals Network, have written a series of twelve books about the spiritual relationships between animals and people. In their latest, they showcase stories about special connections between women and dogs that have resulted in courageous and compassionate acts of love and healing. According to the Andersons, dogs are a woman’s four-legged support network during good times and bad. They become many things including exercise coach, therapist, loyal protector, gentle listener, and accurate judge of people’s characters. Two examples are Frankie, a dachshund in a doggie wheelchair, that inspired Barbara Techel to write a series of books for children, and Beau, a rescued black Lab, which became the inspiration for Patriot-PAWS that provides service dogs trained for disabled veterans."
--Larry Cox, Tuscon Citizen, "Six New Books for Dog Lovers", November 02, 2010


"Dogs and the Women Who Love Them authors visit to Milwaukee benefits Wisconsin Humane Society. We love dog authors and the people who love them and today the authors of "Dogs and the Women Who Love Them " will be in town at Boswell Book Company with ten percent of designated purchases from the evening will go to helping the animals at the Wisconsin Humane Society.
--Jackie Loohauis-Bennett of the Journal Sentinel, November 10, 2010



"...There are dog people (it's safe to say Sidewalk Dog's entire readership falls under this category, no?), and then there are people who eat, sleep and breathe dogs. Linda and Allen Anderson are two of the latter category's best representatives. This Minnesota couple founded the Angel Animals Network, an online forum for stories about how pets are making our lives better one tail wag at a time. Their new book, Dogs and the Women Who Love Them, was just released, and features stories from many dog moms, Minnesotan and otherwise. It's already getting rave reviews from actresses Vanessa White, Wendy Malick, and America's dog-loving sweetheart, Betty White..."
--Meredeth Barzen, Sidewalk Dog, Dogs and the Authors Who Love Them, November 2010


Man's best friend seems to forget they are awesome for women too. "Dogs & The Women Who Love Them: Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing, and Inspiration" is a collection of true stories of women and their dogs and the dedication that dogs. Dogs are amazing animals in what they do for people, from the more obvious hero dogs in the police tasks force or during disasters, to just being there for people. "Dogs & The Women Who Love Them" is an excellent read for any dog lover.
--Midwest Book Review, Wisconsin Book Watch, December 2010


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